Royal Mail is testing call-and-check services in Jersey

Loneliness is increasingly being recognized as a public health issue. Nearly one out of five of all adults in the UK feel lonely most or all the time. Health implications of loneliness include heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. In support of the UK’s loneliness strategy, Call&Check partnered with the Royal Mail to check on older adults who live alone.

Royal Mail postal workers, as part of their usual delivery rounds, check-in on participating adults and ask a short set of questions around wellbeing. Responses are captured on NexJ Connected Wellness, which is loaded onto the postal worker’s handheld device, and trigger appropriate support as needed.
Call&Check services include organizing home grocery and prescription deliveries, arranging transport to appointments at the hospital, and Call&Check members are also invited to regular social events to get together with friends and meet new people over a cup of tea and a cake.

This project holds more importance than ever as we continue socially distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call&Check is working with the Government of Jersey vaccination team to support islanders accessing the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Picture: NexJ


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