Shift to cargo bike deliveries could save UK taxpayers £4bn

Analysis suggests that if delivery companies switched to using cargo bikes instead of diesel vans for first and last-mile deliveries, it would save the UK NHS and other Government services more than £4 billion. The cost savings, claimed by cargo bike delivery firm Pedal and Post and researchers at Just Economics, are derived from reduced congestion, less air pollution, better health outcomes for riders, and fewer accidents and greenhouse gas emissions.

This research has demonstrated that the most harmful delivery modes externalize social, environmental, and economic costs and, in so doing, overturn the natural cost advantage of e-cargo bikes. Without intervention, a modal shift will not occur at the pace required to address the twin challenges of climate change and air pollution.

Chris Benton, Pedal and Post’s CEO commissioned the research, said: “The potential to clean up our air and grow the UK economy is huge: “Pollution from diesel van deliveries costs the NHS nearly £25,000 across the van’s lifetime, compared to around £150 for an electric cargo bike.”

Source: Pedal and Post

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