Start of construction works for Amsterdam XXL Logistic Cityhub

A festive milestone for Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub: the first pile was driven into the ground on Friday 30 April 2021. This officially marks the start of the construction of the Netherlands’ first XXL multi-storey logistics city hub. Construction company Vrolijk is responsible for the realisation. The time between the start of construction and final delivery will be approximately 1.5 years. Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is expected to be fully operational in the last quarter of 2022.
Wim Beelen, entrepreneur and creator of the innovative last-mile solution: “This is a moment that we have really been looking forward to. My vision is now becoming reality. Every single aspect has been thought out. Companies of the future have all the room they need to grow in ways that were never possible before. I am immensely proud.” The city hub enables fast, clean logistics to and from Amsterdam and is particularly interesting for the e-commerce sector and parcel services. It also offers a solution for parties in construction and offline retail.

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Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is designed to shorten the urban last mile and will address the increasing congestion and lack of space in and around Amsterdam With over 220.000 m2 of sustainable total solutions and its unique location on the North Sea Canal and the A10 ring road, the city hub offers all the space needed for new forms of 100% emission-free transport by land and water. For maximum sustainability, solar panels and wind turbines will be installed on the site.

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