Why do retailers take last mile into their own hands?

Last-mile delivery has created a continuing flow of issues that couriers and logistics companies have been working on for a long time. Recently, retailers have taken the issue into their own hands in attempts to ease the last mile headache themselves.

Retail Dive presents eight good reasons why retailers like Amazon take last mile into their own hands:

  1. Controlling last-mile delivery means controlling the overall customer experience
  2. Amazon is willing to try anything
  3. The benefits will only accrue over time
  4. Removing friction in the demand satisfaction cycle is all Amazon cares about
  5. Improving the last mile will save more than just money
  6. The consumer is sure to win
  7. Relying on third-party delivery services is risky
  8. But, Amazon still has delivery problems to solve…


Source: Supply Chain Dive


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