Zalando shares findings from social delivery network in Denmark

According to PostNord’s Nordic e-commerce report from 2018, 91% of Danes say it is important to be able to choose how and where to pick up and drop off their parcels. The wishes of Danes for a more tailored delivery experience is something Zalando took into consideration with its pick up and drop-off pilot, launched in July 2019, that sees community members, known as “Din Nabo” (or, your neighbor), become service points for parcels.

Mark Pieterse & Juriaan Matthijssen, founders of Homerr, and Remko Bakker, Lead Logistics Platform Services at Zalando, presented the first results and findings from Zalando’s newest endeavor to offer more convenience in Denmark to customers.
The test has shown positive results. 95% of the Zalando customers, who had their package delivered to a Din Nabo, say that they received an “excellent service” when collecting or returning their package.

The pilot is taking place in residential areas of Copenhagen and Aarhus. First learnings from the pilot test indicate that the concept will function even better in rural areas; there are fewer stores and opening hours are shorter, which calls for a more convenient pick-up and drop-off option. Also, in rural areas of Denmark, more houses are accessed via the ground floor, which increases convenience.

During the Danish pilot, 85% say it’s because of the convenient location close to either their home or workplace or on their commute. 57% say it’s due to the sustainable impact this service has, 42% because of the social impact. 15% say it’s because of the “opening hours” offered by the Din Nabo.

Source: Zalando


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