Zedify to test ‘Parcels as Passengers’

To tackle urban congestion and maximize resource efficiency, the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) has joined forces with Zedify to introduce a weekly parcel service from Bristol to Plymouth along the Falcon coach route. Initially conceived as a pilot project, this service forms part of the innovative ‘Parcels as Passengers‘ initiative, designed to optimize existing resources while alleviating traffic congestion on our roads.

This collaborative effort involves the WECA Transport Team, transport agency WSP, Megabus, and Zedify. The project aims to transform passenger vehicles into versatile carriers capable of transporting people and parcels, thereby reducing the reliance on vans and maximizing resource utilization.

Every Wednesday, the Megabus Falcon route transports two to three containers of parcels, typically comprising 20 to 30 parcels each, from Bristol to Plymouth. Upon arrival, Zedify’s zero-emission cargo bikes deliver the parcels to end-consumers, ensuring an environmentally friendly parcel journey. This innovative utilization of underutilized storage space in passenger vehicles marks a significant stride towards efficient resource management and significantly reduces van traffic on the roads.

All parcels transported via this service are fully insured and secured under the coaches’ Goods in Transit Insurance, guaranteeing the safety and security of each shipment and providing peace of mind to both clients and transporters.

Nick Stokes, Zedify’s National Projects Manager, commented, “This marks just the beginning of what we envision as a much larger operation. Leveraging underused storage space on passenger vehicles for freight transport is a smart strategy that effectively reduces the number of vans on the road.”

He further noted, “Not only is this project efficient, but it also champions environmental sustainability, paving the way for greener goods transportation. It exemplifies our dedication to finding innovative solutions to everyday challenges. We’re eager to expand this initiative with other businesses across the UK. We are exploring the possibility of trialing it on a Bristol to London route alongside our longstanding client, Wogan Coffee.”

The team is focused on extending its service beyond the Bristol to Plymouth route, with plans to establish a similar route between Bristol and London soon.

Source: Zedify

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