TU Eindhoven: bring the vaccine to the people

A group of logistics experts from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and the European Supply Chain Forum proposes to have the bulk of the corona vaccines brought to people’s homes and administered in their familiar environment. A hundred trucks outfitted for refrigerated transport with four to ten ‘jabbers’ should suffice. This is not only faster and more accessible but also safer. 

Professor Willem Van Jaarsveld: “We are in lockdown in order to limit travel movements as much as possible and to avoid contacts. Having large groups of people travel to central locations is too great a risk, especially when you consider that many people depend on public transport for that. The most important thing we want to prevent is a situation that will lead to many unnecessary travel movements” That is why it’s more logical to reverse the process, he argues: “Most people are home now anyway, so you could organize that quite efficiently.” The logistics expert says that it would take about a hundred medical teams, combined with refrigerated transport and consisting of four to ten ‘jabbers’ and auxiliary staff, to administer the vaccines practically without losses.

Source: TUe

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