How to organise living labs in city logistics?

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The field of city logistics can be characterised by its many local demonstrations and trials, that are quite often not lasting longer than the trial period. The number of demonstrations that continued and were implemented in daily practice is limited. Freight partnerships proved to be a good first step to engage stakeholders.

EU recognises twelve projects for keeping Europe moving sustainably


Over 110 innovative solutions for decarbonising EU transport were submitted for the European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017. The 12 winners offered solutions in a wide range of transport applications; futuristic systems for moving people and freight in cities, services for people with reduced mobility and emergency services, a robot platform, parking, railway and cycling.

Smart freight leadership: how to realise more efficient freight?

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Smart or green freight refers to the transformation efforts of the freight and logistics sector that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants and improve fuel efficiency across the global logistics supply chain, whilst maintaining competitiveness and economic growth. Smart freight, green freight and sustainable freight/logistics are in practice used interchangeably.