Amsterdam (NL) evaluates the position of light electric vehicle in the city

The term light electric vehicles (LEVs) is a container term in urban mobility. It concerns a wide range of vehicles, from an electric (cargo) bike to a light electric cargo vehicle and everything in between. Light electric vehicles have the potential to make a positive contribution to the city, says Amsterdam alderwoman Sharon Dijksma.

LEVs can partly replace cars and vans with a combustion engine in city logistics. This not only reduces exhaust gas emissions, but such vehicles are also more suitable for the tight inner city. At the same time, the municipality sees that the growth and increasing diversity of the number of vehicles can also cause problems. It must be clear to everyone which vehicle may drive where (on the road or cycle path) and where the vehicle must be parked (on the sidewalk or in a parking lot). That is why in 2019 Amsterdam will come up with a vision and a plan for the use of LEVs.

For the Dutch Safety Board, the tragic event in 2018 with the Stint led to an investigation into the way in which light motorized vehicles, including vehicles such as the Stint, are admitted onto the public roads. The investigation answered the following questions: ‘What role does safety play in the admittance of light motorized vehicles?’ and ‘To what extent does this guarantee the safety of these vehicles on the public roads?

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