EU proposes law to end green delivery claims

Today, it is difficult for consumers to make sense of the many labels on the environmental performance of products (goods and services) and companies. Some environmental claims are unreliable, and consumer trust is extremely low. Consumers can be misled, and companies can give a false impression of their environmental impacts or benefits – a practice known as greenwashing. Over 50 percent of green claims on products and services make vague, misleading, or unfounded information.

With a proposed new law on green claims, the EU is taking action to address greenwashing and protect consumers and the environment. The proposal on green claims aims to:

  • Make green claims reliable, comparable, and verifiable across the EU.
  • Protect consumers from greenwashing.
  • Contribute to creating a circular and green EU economy by enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Help establish a level playing field regarding the environmental performance of products.

Ensuring that environmental labels and claims are credible and trustworthy will allow consumers to make better-informed purchasing decisions. It will also boost the competitiveness of businesses striving to increase the environmental sustainability of their products and activities.

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