Frontrunners in sustainable urban mobility planning

In order to enable mobility planning authorities across Europe to embrace the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) as the European-wide strategic planning approach, both the Civitas Prosperity and SUMPs-Up projects consider the role of the national and regional levels as essential for supporting SUMP take-up. This support encompasses governance, financing and capacity building.

An analysis of the status of national programmes in EU member states was conducted as a first step in the process of supporting the development or improvement of national programmes. It aimed to identify and assess:

  • The status of national programmes in EU member states.
  • Successful existing national programmes and their key contents.
  • Key problems hindering sustainable urban mobility planning in cities, regions, and countries.
  • The needs of national and/or regional level representatives for the development or improvement of national programmes.

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The analysis includes information about the current state of SUMP and of national SUMP programmes in the European Member States as well as recommendations for countries to elaborate or develop their national SUMP programmes.

As experiences in more developed countries show, the introduction of monitoring and evaluation activities, as well as the stimulation of regular mobility data collection, is essential. Once the basic data is available, awareness-raising activities, targeting local politicians, stakeholders, and the public, about the positive effects of SUMP and urban mobility, in general, can take place at the national level.

You can find the reports here.

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