LEVA-EU says EU regulation is ‘choking’ light electric vehicles

The European trade association LEVA-EU is calling for an urgent change in EU regulations, it says are seriously hindering manufacturers at a time when cities are encouraging the use of light, electric vehicles (LEV) as an alternative form of transport during the coronavirus crisis.

LEVA-EU, the trade association in Europe that works exclusively to represent light electric vehicle businesses, has presented proposals to the European Commission to revise rules it believes are inaccurate and can put users in danger. It says the Covid-19 crisis has brought its proposals into sharp focus and is urging the EC to schedule changing the ruling as a matter of urgency.

Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU manager, said the EC only has to look at all the cities across Europe opening cycle lanes as the public scrambles to find safe alternative forms of transport. She called for ‘root and branch’ change to further unleash innovation and enterprise in the LEV sector much of which is made of up dynamic small to medium-size firms.

In an open letter to the Presidents of the European Commission, Parliament, and Council, LEVA-EU also calls for an amendment to the EU Green Deal. Even though the European Environment Agency has argued that shifting to walking, cycling, and public transport is crucial for Europe to meet long-term sustainability goals and policy objectives under the EU Green Deal, the Commission’s Communication has no reference to such a shift. LEVA-EU, therefore, calls upon the Commission to include the shift to walking, cycling, public transport, and using light, electric vehicles (LEVs) as a key element in the Green Deal and consequently put that shift at the center of the forthcoming strategy for sustainable and smart mobility.

In the letter, LEVA-U has rephrased the EEA Statement: “Shifting to walking, cycling, light, electric vehicles and public transport is a duty for Europe to meet long-term sustainability goals and policy objectives under the EU Green Deal, in honor of all COVID-19 and air pollution victims.

Read more on the website of LEVA-EU.

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