Overview of practices in the integration of passenger mobility and freight deliveries in urban areas

Urban transport has been one of the most crucial and challenging issues. Moreover, it is a catch-all term that discusses the ease and speed with which passengers and goods move around urban spaces. With cities getting more populated and crowded, new challenges for transportation that impact how to design and build urban locations appear.

A new review article provides a comprehensive overview of the practices and approaches employed in integrating passenger mobility and freight deliveries in urban areas. The article highlights this integration’s potential benefits and challenges by conducting a systematic literature review covering scientific sources published in journals from 2018 to 2022.

The article explores various integration aspects, including infrastructure development, shared mobility, last-mile optimization, and the role of technology and data analytics. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships between stakeholders and the need for comprehensive policies and regulations to facilitate seamless integration. The review underscores the positive impacts of integration, such as reduced congestion, improved resource utilization, and enhanced sustainability.

Integrating flows within urban transport systems has yet to receive extensive attention in recent scientific literature. A notable gap exists, particularly concerning case studies that explore the fusion of passenger and freight urban transport. This absence poses a significant challenge in transportation planning and research, as it restricts our ability to comprehensively grasp the real-world implications, achievements, and obstacles associated with implementing integrated urban transport systems.

The article concludes by encouraging further research and implementation of integrated urban transportation strategies to create sustainable, efficient, and livable cities for the future.

Source: Rześny-Cieplińska, J. (2023). Overview of the practices in the integration of passenger mobility and freight deliveries in urban areas. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 14, 101106. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cstp.2023.101106

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