Research: estimating environmental potential of urban consolidation

Urban consolidation centers (UCCs) should provide more efficient goods distribution in cities and lead to decreased environmental impact and energy usage. There is, however, limited knowledge as to the actual performance of UCCs, and what roles and perspectives the involved actors have in the performance measurement.

A paper by Maria Björklund and Niklas Simm is investigates the roles and perspectives of involved actors when estimating and evaluating the performance of UCCs. The article is based on a study of one case that evaluates the performance of a UCC involving several actors. Interviews were triangulated with documents from the case.

The results showed that actors have different roles in performance measurements and even if they share a mutual interest in conducting the measurements, they did not share opinions regarding factors such as system limits or performance indicators. The study provides a deeper understanding of the importance of inter-organizational interaction when conducting performance measurements.

The study provides additional insights into the roles of the actors and their perspectives in logistics performance measurement that targets energy usage and environmental impact. These aspects are seldom addressed in less complex estimations or mathematical modeling estimations.

Source: Björklund, M., & Simm, N. (2019). Roles and Perspectives When Estimating Energy and Environmental Potentials of Urban Consolidation. Energies, 12(24), 4811.

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