Dutch Wehkamp starts with delivery on cargo bikes

Wehkamp starts with delivery on cargo bikes. After several successful pilots, Wehkamp, DHL and Fietskoeriers.nl join forces. In 12 cities the couriers of Fietskoeriers.nl deliver, in the ‘last mile’, part of the packages from Wehkamp at home.

Wehkamp, DHL and Fietskoeriers.nl continuously look for opportunities to respond to this and to contribute to the accessibility of inner cities. “In order to continue to meet the customer’s wishes and to keep cities accessible, cooperation is important, even in those last few kilometers,” says Sander Bolmer, Director Warehousing & Distribution at Wehkamp. “Delivery on a cargo bike fits well with us as a Dutch company. After all, the Netherlands is really a cycling country. This way we can physically reach the customer even better and make them happy together. ”
Samenwerking Wehkamp DHL FKS.nl low res

Cooperation with DHL the partnership applies in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Almere, Arnhem, Deventer, Hilversum, Hengelo, Eindhoven, Groningen, Tilburg and Zwolle.
Fietskoeriers.nl provides part of the delivery in these cities. All parties have the ambition to expand the number of cities in the coming period. DHL is a forerunner when it comes to using bicycle couriers.

DHL partnership

This partnership is a nice addition to our own cargo bike network and fits perfectly with our ambition to be fully CO2-neutral in 2050, “says Roelof Hofman, VP Operations of DHL Parcel. Managing Director Marieke Snoek of Fietskoeriers.nl is pleased with this collaboration: “It shows that delivery by cargo bikes is ‘serious business’. This is reflected in the growth of our total organization. We are one of the solutions for the ‘last mile’. It is great that we now have the confidence of Wehkamp and DHL to do this together. Nothing better than cycling”.

Source: AD.nl

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