Evaluation of DB Schenker Oslo City Hub: lessons learned

DB Schenker has opened its first low-carbon city distribution center in Oslo (Norway), called Oslo City Hub. The centrally-located new terminal will reduce CO2 emissions of city goods distribution by 80%, using electric cars and e-bikes. Oslo City Hub is part of Electric City, the Oslo district’s focus on activities associated with its status as European Green Capital 2019.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker is aiming to achieve zero emissions in all city distribution in Norway by the end of 2020. The Oslo City Hub project is the first blueprint of how to achieve this. Oslo City Hub will be located at Filipstadkaia in the center of Oslo. The building is being constructed from containers and is organized for effective goods handling. The building will cover 457 m2. All goods will be delivered by electric trucks and e-bikes. As a member of the EV100 initiative, DB Schenker is aiming to replace all diesel drivetrains by electric ones in collection and distribution transport by 2030.

A new report by TOI evaluates the planning process prior to establishing the Oslo City Hub, which lasted from May 2018 to May 2019. The depot opened for operation on May 8, 2019. The aim of the evaluation is to provide a knowledge base for other private actors or municipalities that want to establish something similar.

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Lessons learned

Five criteria for a successful establishment of the Oslo City Hub were found:

  1. trust between the project partners
  2. expert knowledge and a dedicated driving force in the planning and design process
  3. support from and good cooperation with the public sector
  4. suitable and available location for the depot in city centers and simple
  5. the flexible design of the depot.

An important aspect of establishing a depot such as the Oslo City Hub is access to locations in the city center. To dedicate areas for logistics purposes, city logistics should be integrated into overall urban and area plans. Although the Oslo City Hub is driven forward and established as a private initiative, involvement from public bodies has been necessary in order to realize the establishment of the city logistics depot.

Read the evaluation here.

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