stARTwell is the new Amsterdam eco-system for tech innovation

stARTwell Future Tech Center in the Amsterdam Southeast district will be the innovation hub and platform for industrial and logistics activities. The focus of stARTwell is to strengthen the innovative capabilities of the Amsterdam region in collaboration with companies, government, and research.

stARTwell provides space for companies that provide products and services for the Amsterdam region such as:

  • consolidation of city logistics flows (e.g. facility services)
  • smart asset management of buildings and infrastructure
  • innovation in construction processes
  • sustainable data services
  • zero-emission mobility services
  • supplying food for the city.


stARTwell is strategically located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region and offers plenty of space for light industrial development. stARTwell collaborates with knowledge institutions and universities in the region and offers an eco-system for value creation for startups, scale-ups en grown-ups.

For more information: contact Walther Ploos van Amstel.


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