Belgian bpost starts research project on zero-emission parcel deliveries in Brussels

Over the next three years, VUB Mobilise and bpost will join forces toward a zero-carbon energy future. This project aims to support bpost in the shift towards zero-emission parcel deliveries in Brussels. For bpost, this project represents an essential part of knowledge on sustainable last-mile solutions via multi-actor analysis and assessment expertise which will contribute to the livability of Brussels.

To achieve this goal, they will investigate the applicability and efficiency of different combinations of logistic solutions in terms of economic costs and sustainability. By doing so, the consortium will determine whether the results vary among the neighborhoods defined by specific demographic, spatial, and socio-economic characteristics. The outcome will be translated into a roadmap for further upscaling – including other types of goods (palletized, cooled, etc.), volumes from other logistic services providers, policy assessment and recommendation, and addressing hard-to-reach socio-economic and ethnic groups.

The research project will start in October 2022 for three years and is funded by Innoviris.

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