Brussels, November 29: the 5 A’s of sustainable city distribution

During next month’s VUB CROSSTALKS on November 29 prof. dr. Cathy Macharis will discuss the key indicators of sustainable logistics: ‘The 5 A’s of sustainable city distribution’. ‘Working bottom-up and interdisciplinary, CROSSTALKS wants to create a new dynamic of knowledge exchange through thematic encounters, beyond specific disciplines and with the active participation of key players from all levels of society’.

Together with professor Michael Brown (University of Gothenburg) and Mr. Hans Robben (bpost), professor Macharis joins the series ‘Duurzame Dinsdagen’ on sustainability and recent economic developments, such as e-commerce. Deliveries are not only becoming more frequent, but also more fragmented. Looking for efficient and sustainable solutions, we end the afternoon by focussing on one of MOBI’s expert tools, MAMCA (Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis).

For more information about this event, please visit the VUB CROSSTALKS – Duurzame Dinsdagen website.
When: 29 November 2016
Where: bpost, Muntcentrum (entrance via Bisschopsstraat), 1000 Brussel

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