Research: German trip data of cargo bikes published

The German NCP project “Cargo Bike Depot: implementing of depots in inner cities” investigates the traffic-, logistic- and citizen-friendly implementation of load handling nodes for cargo bikes in urban areas. One component of the research is the investigation of the effect of high cargo bike traffic intensities induced by the transshipment nodes on city streets with mixed traffic.

The investigation of the effect is carried out by means of the microscopic traffic simulation program VISSIM. For conventional vehicle classes such as passenger cars, trucks, buses, trains, and motorcycles, established driving behavior models are available in the simulation software VISSIM (PTV Software), but not for electric cargo bikes. For this reason, the thorough investigation of models and parameters for cargo bikes is necessary.

Trip data of e-cargo bikes

Now a document has been published which contains the trip data of e-cargo bikes. These characterize the trajectories of cargo bikes in different traffic situations. Therefore detailed documentation was created. Thus transparency of the trip data is ensured and the procedure for the collection of the data is successively described. The trajectory of a cargo bike trip can be found in the corresponding individual spreadsheets. With the help of a GPS-RKT system, the trip data was recorded. At the same time, these were transmitted and displayed in the NMEA standard.
These are selected data records that are complete and almost error-free and can be used for further research. This document contains only selected, suitable recording data of cargo bike journeys. The data will be evaluated as part of the final report of the research project.

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