Research: the role of waterways in city logistics

Inland waterways offer numerous advantages in transport. For cities located near inland waterways, this offers opportunities for city logistics. A paper by Wojewódzka-Króla and Rolbieckib looks at the possibility of using this mode of transport to handle transport needs in cities.

Review of city logistics solutions using inland navigation

The paper uses the method of desk research, based on analyzing and verifying facts and merging existing statistical data on the urbanization process and experiences related to the use of inland waterway transport to handle various transport needs in a number of European cities; Paris, Lille, London, and Amsterdam.

The paper shows that in cargo transit, the use of inland waters in city logistics is an attractive option, not only in the transportation of construction materials or waste collection but also in transport related to the supply to retail stores.

Source: Rolbiecki, R., & Wojewódzka-Król, K. (2020). The role of inland waterway transport in city logistics. Transport Economics and Logistics, 84, 103-114.

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