Surflogh Start Conference: Who owns the street?

On November 1st, 2018 there is the Surflogh start Conference in Groningen (NL): “Who owns the street? – Perspectives on urban logistics challenges.” The strong increase in online consumerism, with a 24-hour delivery promise, regularly results in a street full of delivery vans, congestion and multiple, may have a negative impact on the liveability of cities.

How can we take steps to solve some of the complex issues involved in current developments regarding freight and logistics?


CEOs from major international organizations will join the Surflogh partners, stakeholders from the transport and retail sectors, urban developers, universities and government authorities. We want to share experience and new ideas on much needed smart and sustainable solutions for last mile delivery in cities.
bringing you up to date on our plans within the Surflogh project, we really want to hear from you – as an expert, a customer, and a citizen.

Surflogh is an international collaboration (with Dutch partners from the Province of Drenthe and the City of Groningen). The project focusses on the development of green transport solutions in urban areas. By combining systems and supply chains we aim to develop cargo hubs that are really ‘smart’, efficient and sustainable. Greening ‘last mile’ delivery will have a positive influence on congestion and city pollution.

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