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Research: designing zero-emissions containerized last-mile delivery systems

New research investigates the benefits of using swap containers in Two-Echelon (2E) urban delivery systems, which extend beyond the reduced handling costs and processing time in van-bike delivery systems. By drawing on the success of standardized freight containers in the international shipping industry, swap containers can substitute low-capacity vehicles in the first delivery echelon with …

Modular containerization of parcel networks: simulation-based impact assessment

The parcel industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, primarily driven by the surge of e-commerce and new technologies. The Physical Internet (PI) provides initiatives to optimize parcel flow and jointly address the industry’s economic, operational, social, and environmental sustainability issues. Encapsulating parcels in modular PI containers is a promising method to enhance efficiency …

Alphabet: new smart container for last-mile logistics

Alphabet’s plan for a new waterfront city in Toronto includes a standard smart container for last-mile logistics. Sidewalk Labs unveiled its Master Innovation and Development Plan to transform the site into the most innovative district in the world, with a network of sensors generating data on how people, goods, and vehicles move throughout the new community.