DHL Express taking the next step in city logistics containerisation

DHL Express is taking the next step in rolling out a fully containerized last-mile delivery process, starting in the Netherlands. The containerized delivery process enables the cost-efficient and secure transfer of goods between terminals, motor vehicles, and specialized last-mile delivery vehicles.

The containers are transported by motor vehicles to handover points in city centers. At the handover points, the containers are quickly and safely transferred to last-mile delivery vehicles, and the courier have all the information about the contents in her/his hand unit. The last-mile delivery vehicles used are Velove Armadillos (called Cubicycles within DHL) and electric vans. Which type of vehicle that is chosen depends on the last mile delivery zone.

Parcels are sorted and handled only once in the delivery process, at the sorting terminal. This also makes it economically viable for the last mile delivery vehicle to refill during the workday, as the distance to return the empty container and pick up more goods can be minimized, and the transfer of the goods is fast and secure.

Source: Velove

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