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Research: exploring logistics-as-a-service to integrate the consumer into urban freight

E-commerce established the consumer as a freight actor. This new reality in the e-commerce supply chain holds economic, social, and environmental opportunities. Consumers have become an essential stakeholder in freight transport, which current logistics systems thus do not reflect. There are three ways in which the integration of consumers is vital to advance last-mile deliveries. First, logistics …

Is there a future in community shipping?

What if the neighbors came to deliver your parcels from now on? It was a hilarious idea from the Dutch TV program Koefnoen in 2016. Okko and Eus walk with their wagon through the neighborhood, delivering parcels. With all the car-free plans, there may be a future in community shipping as a sustainable option for …

Dutch Flitsmeister introducing crowd logistics

Dutch Flitsmeister Pickup connects the local retailer to a community of 1.7 million loyal users. This enables the retailer to deliver quickly and efficiently. In addition, the user can lend a hand and earn some extra money. Flitsmeister warns drivers about speed cameras, saves fines, and provides real-time traffic information and now: Flitsmeister Pickup.

Research: crowd logistics for parcel deliveries in Paris

Crowd logistics is an opportunity for logistics service providers intending to improve customer service, reduce costs, and satisfy their customers. Companies should be asking themselves, “how else can the consumer acquire and use the types of goods or services I currently provide and how might I innovate to capitalize on these possibilities?”.

Understanding crowd logistics

Research by Valentina Carbone, professor at the Paris Campus of ESCP Europe, Aurélien Rouquet, professor at NEOMA Business School and Christine Roussat, assistant professor at the Clermont-Auvergne University in France, examines how crowd logistics differs from traditional logistics service models and which type of crowd logistics might be the most disruptive.

Crowd-based city logistics

Rapid urban growth has posed both challenges and opportunities for city planners, not in the least when it comes to the design of urban freight systems. But urbanization also fosters innovation and sharing, which have led to new models for organizing urban freight, e.g. crowd based logistics.