Dutch Flitsmeister introducing crowd logistics

Dutch Flitsmeister Pickup connects the local retailer to a community of 1.7 million loyal users. This enables the retailer to deliver quickly and efficiently. In addition, the user can lend a hand and earn some extra money. Flitsmeister warns drivers about speed cameras, saves fines, and provides real-time traffic information and now: Flitsmeister Pickup.

The retailer informs Flitsmeister that a parcel is ready for delivery. Flitsmeister users nearby will receive a notification and can accept it. After accepting the delivery meister picks up the package and navigates to the customer’s address. During the ride, the route and live location can be shared with the retailer. Upon arrival, the Flitsmeister user sends a payment request to the retailer to pay for the delivery.
With a short distance of fewer than 10 km, the delivery person earns 5 euros. With a medium distance between 10 and 20 km, the amount is increased to 7.50 euros. For long distances between 20 km with a limit of 30 km, users earn 10 euros.

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