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Research: how can we use revenu management in last-mile delivery?

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New opportunities arise to design profitable last-mile delivery strategies. In particular, companies can influence customer behavior by choosing the lead-times or time-slots that are offered (capacity controls) and as well as their associated fees (pricing controls). These decisions ultimately seek to balance the capacity utilization and increase the profitability of the delivery operation.

Robeco: growing e-commerce offers investment opportunities

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A new Robeco report presents investment opportunities in growing e-commerce: warehouse automation providers, prime warehouse owners, software companies. E-commerce is booming, exposing its logistic backbone to an ever increasing bill. The e-commerce sector is therefore trying to find cheaper solutions with the help of innovative tools, such as robots that are learning to see and pick …

Are automated parcel lockers more sustainable and efficient? Maybe…

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Home deliveries are the preferred method of delivery for consumers today. But, due to the specific, costly nature of home deliveries together with changes within society e.g. people working longer and more flexible hours and the competition between logistics providers, new more sustainable alternatives are being implemented. Automated parcel lockers being such an alternative.