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ICCT calculated the health benefits of Euro 7

In November 2022, the European Commission released its proposed Euro 7 regulation for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, which limits the level of pollutants detrimental to human health, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). An ICCT study models the proposed emission reductions and health benefits from implementing Euro 7 with increased stringency and …

LEZs can reduce air pollution-related health outcomes

Several cities have implemented low-emission zones (LEZs) and congestion charging zones (CCZs). Researchers from the School of Public Health of Imperial College London systematically reviewed the evidence on the effects of these air pollution and congestion reduction schemes on various physical health outcomes. Although CCZs and LEZs restrict private vehicle use within cities, they differ …

What creates healthy cities?

A high diversity in land use of neighborhoods may be beneficial for the physical and mental health of the inhabitants. If confirmed, this may be incorporated into urban planning, in particular regarding the diversity of green space. This is the conclusion of study amongst 4450 Dutch residents.