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Uber: more revenue in delivery than in mobility in 2020

In the fourth quarter of 2020 ‘delivery’ is now bigger than ‘mobility’. Mobility (gross bookings fourth quarter 2020): $6.79 billion, down 50% from a year ago. Delivery (gross bookings): $10,1 billion, up 130% from a year ago. For all of 2020, Uber’s net losses amounted to $6,8 billion, around a 20% improvement from a staggering $8,5 billion loss …

City of London: zero emission city logistics in 2030

The City of London will introduce a Zero Emission Zone ‘within the next Mayoral term’ to ensure 90% of vehicles entering the Square Mile are zero-emission by 2030. The measure is part of the City’s draft transport strategy, which sets a target of reducing motorized traffic by 25% by 2030, and by 50% by 2044 and …

UK: the future of mobility

The UK ‘Future of mobility’ report looks out to 2040. It looks at the whole transport system – considering the users and goods. It considers new opportunities and the implications of current trends. It builds four plausible future scenario’s to help decision makers think about the future.

New ways of funding for future mobility

Most governments rely heavily on revenue generated directly and indirectly by transportation. Everything from fuel taxes to parking fees, traffic violation fines, value-added taxes from vehicle purchases, subway and bus fares, and registration and licensing charges can provide critical revenue to maintain infrastructure, support public transit, and more.