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Research: improving nano store supply chains

In developing economies, nano stores in urban and rural areas face different infrastructural, operational, and financial challenges. How can urban nano stores compete with supermarket chains as they enter the market? How can rural nano stores provide more services at affordable prices to sustain their operations?

The rise of the five-minute shopping trip

Micro-shopping trips, defined as trips that take less than five minutes, are becoming increasingly common thanks to grocery services that let customers order online and pick up in-store. The increase is attributed to lockers, where shoppers can pick up preordered items. Bryan Pearson reports about it in Forbes.

Urban freight options for deliveries to nanostores in megacities

City logistics will become more complex and costly. The demand for city logistics grows because of urbanization. Most urbanization takes place in emerging economies leading, amongst others, to the rapid emergence of highly dense megacities. Research by Vrije Universiteit Brussels (B) looks at alternative urban freight options for deliveries to megacities