The rise of the five-minute shopping trip

Micro-shopping trips, defined as trips that take less than five minutes, are becoming increasingly common thanks to grocery services that let customers order online and pick up in-store. The increase is attributed to lockers, where shoppers can pick up preordered items. Bryan Pearson reports about it in Forbes.

The super-short trips can result in higher-proportioned revenue because shoppers who place pickup orders, encouraged by the prospect of a quick in-and-out visit, remain prone to split-second purchase decisions. Evidence that shopper lockers and similar pickup options lead to shorter trips exists in the breakdown of micro-trips at Whole Foods. Micro-visits at stores with Amazon Lockers rose by 11 percent, according to research by InMarket. At stores in the same cities without lockers, such trips rose by percent%.

It counters what retailers strive for, which should be longer trips, but when shoppers have at their fingertips the means to shop wherever and however they want, food sellers are forced to consent. However, smart merchants can find advantages in the micro-trips, from more efficient store formats to improved targeted marketing.

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