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Consumers’ marketing channel choice and the impact on logistics and operations

The emergence of digitalization has led to the creation of various marketing channels. Consumers now have numerous options for shopping in the fresh food and grocery retail sector. Analyzing their behavior is crucial for retailers. A recent paper offers a cutting-edge review of existing studies on consumers’ channel choices when purchasing groceries. The research A …

Is it possible to stimulate the online consumer to choose sustainable delivery and return options?

The e-commerce sector aims to reduce CO₂ emissions by 2025 significantly and is working hard to achieve delivery with as few CO₂ emissions as possible. One way to contribute to lower CO₂ emissions from e-commerce is for web shops to encourage their customers to choose a sustainable delivery option. Involving consumers Small-scale experimental research into …

Assessing the effects of delivery attributes on online consumer behavior

E-consumer behavior plays a vital role in e-commerce worldwide. A recent paper addresses the importance of delivery time, delivery fee, and delivery reception, and the influence of delivery fee and reception on e-consumers’ behavior by analyzing the following hypotheses: delivery attributes affect e-shopping behavior, and delivery attributes affect e-consumers’ behavior according to their sociodemographic characteristics. …

Austrian study: online is more sustainable

On behalf of the Austrian Post, the Federal Environment Agency analyzed the climate effects of online and stationary retail purchases. In addition, the economic impact of national and international online retailing was examined. The result: climate-friendly parcel delivery offers potential savings in greenhouse gas emissions. If customers also use domestic online retailers, this positively affects …

Delivery shame? No: delivery pride!

Delivery shame? Delivery pride! Anyone concerned about the environment will order online from now on. This is two to three times less harmful to the environment than going to the store yourself. Reports on the environmental impact of e-commerce are based on solid research. Researchers agree that there is no reason for concern from a …

MIT: e-commerce leads to lower emissions

With e-commerce setting records during the 2020 holiday season and package deliveries forecast to grow by 80% over the next decade, a new study by the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab reveals the tangible environmental benefits of online shopping versus bricks-and-mortar.

MIT: e-commerce leads to 36 percent less emissions

With e-commerce setting records last year and parcel deliveries forecast to grow by 80 percent over the next decade, a study by the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab reveals the environmental benefits of online shopping. Using average emissions results from the MIT study, the share shift to e-commerce resulted in approximately 2,4 percent fewer emissions per parcel.

Research: who is the online shopper in Belgium?

The widespread adoption of e-commerce is impacting a range of stakeholders. Retailers are expected to sell online, logistics operators and parcel companies are required to reconfigure their supply chain and public authorities try to keep local retail competitive while simultaneously attempt to manage the increase in freight transport.