Assessing the effects of delivery attributes on online consumer behavior

E-consumer behavior plays a vital role in e-commerce worldwide. A recent paper addresses the importance of delivery time, delivery fee, and delivery reception, and the influence of delivery fee and reception on e-consumers’ behavior by analyzing the following hypotheses: delivery attributes affect e-shopping behavior, and delivery attributes affect e-consumers’ behavior according to their sociodemographic characteristics.

Data were obtained from a web-based survey with Brazilian e-consumers, and logistic regression and artificial neural network models were estimated to assess consumer behavior. The researcher found that delivery fee willingness to pay and privacy are affected by delivery times according to gender. Delivery fees affect the e-consumer according to gender, the habit of purchasing books and leisure products, privacy, promotions, and pricing, and influence the e-shopping decision by age, purchase of electronic products, and promotions.

Delivery reception is relevant according to age, income, gender, frequency of e-shopping, privacy, and pricing. Furthermore, delivery fees influence the e-shopping decision by age, purchase of electronic products, and promotions. Finally, delivery fee, willingness-to-pay, and privacy are characteristics influenced by reception on the e-shopping decision. Further analyses would include the dynamic aspects of e-consumer behavior, the impacts of COVID-19 on e-consumption patterns, and its effects on e-commerce deliveries.

Changing consumer behavior and greater awareness of the collective benefits of this initiative need to be further disseminated to consumers. Thus, further research would analyze the changes in consumer behavior in the post-pandemic scenario and identify the influence of spatial characteristics on e-commerce deliveries. Finally, further analysis would include the proposition and assessment of the effects of public policies on consumer behavior in urban freight transport and, more specifically, in e-commerce deliveries.

Source: Dias, E. G., Oliveira, L. K., & Isler, C. A. (2022). Assessing the Effects of Delivery Attributes on E-Shopping Consumer Behaviour. Sustainability, 14(1), 13.

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