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Modular containerization of parcel networks: simulation-based impact assessment

The parcel industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, primarily driven by the surge of e-commerce and new technologies. The Physical Internet (PI) provides initiatives to optimize parcel flow and jointly address the industry’s economic, operational, social, and environmental sustainability issues. Encapsulating parcels in modular PI containers is a promising method to enhance efficiency …

Research on shared satellite-based last-mile delivery problems

The paradigms of the on-demand economy and e-commerce let emerge, new business models, challenging the success of non-digital native companies. Delivery options are no longer driven by the supplier, but more and more influenced by the customers’ preferences, with a consequent disruptive impact on the delivery process, and city logistics in particular.

Research in London: ICT for sustainable parcel deliveries

A new research paper from the UK present a vision of how ICT can be leveraged to help combat the impact on pollution, congestion and carbon emissions contributed by the parcel delivery sector. This is necessary given the growth in parcel deliveries, especially same-day deliveries, and light commercial vehicles and the need to inform initiatives for cleaner city …