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The rise and fall of parcel delivery companies?

Investors in the parcel delivery business are cautious. Royal Mail lost 15 percent of its value in one month, Belgian Bpost lost 18 percent. UPS and FedEx losing 7 to 9 percent. With a 5 percent drop in the AEX last week, is Dutch PostNL the next loser? Dutch PostNL sent 11 percent more parcels …

Green Postal Day: PostNL announces emission free last-mile by 2030.

On 18 September, Green Postal Day, 15 international postal companies reflected on the progress achieved by the postal sector in reducing CO2 emissions. Since 2008 the participating postal companies have collectively brought down their CO2 emissions by 31%. Dutch PostNL wants to deliver all parcels and letters in the Benelux region emission free in the last …

Sustainable deliveries to university campuses: this is how it’s done

Together with their suppliers and logistics service providers, the Dutch Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have worked five years on sustainable deliveries to their campuses. The result: an approach to sustainable logistics that can be scaled up to other large cities. The impact: fewer kilometers traveled by vehicles, more …

It’s Green Postal Day today

A Green Postal Day has been added to the mobility actions in the European Mobility Week campaign and Zero Emissions Day. “Green Postal Day” promotes sustainable mobility and climate protection. This year will mark the world’s very first Green Postal Day, in which eighteen postal companies across the globe are participating.

The rise of light electric freight vehicles in the postal sector

In previous decades the postal sector experienced drastic changes. Liberalization and digitization resulted in a continuous mail market decline. Simultaneously the booming e-commerce parcel delivery market requires Postal Operators (POs) to rigorously restructure their delivery networks to reduce distribution costs. POs are evaluating synergy opportunities between the mail and parcel delivery network.

Dutch PostNL: getting greener

In October 2018 PostNL announced long-term goals to deliver emission-free in 25 Dutch city centers by 2025, and deliver emission-free in the last-mile throughout the Benelux by 2030. In their new annual report, PostNL announces more actions towards becoming green in city logistics. Cleaner vehicles Continuous investment in cleaner vehicles has helped reduce emissions from the …

Amsterdam (NL) hub for deliveries to universities

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam have a total of 80 college buildings in Amsterdam, all of these buildings need to be supplied with goods almost daily. The educational institutes joined forces with Deudekom and PostNL and created a logistics hub just outside of Amsterdam.