Dutch PostNL introduces LEFVs in The Hague

PostNL opened a downtown hub in The Hague for sustainable and neighborhood-friendly delivery of parcels in The Hague’s Inner City. PostNL will now deliver parcels in the inner city of The Hague using small, emission-free LEVVs (light electric vehicles). This will benefit the liveability of the inner city: the vehicles are quiet, clean, narrow, maneuverable, and low noise.

From the PostNL parcel sorting center in Den Hoorn, the parcels will be transported to the small LEV city hub in the Uitenhagestraat on the edge of The Hague city center. From there, parcels are delivered to consumers and businesses in The Hague’s city center. Three roll cages with three compartments fit in the LEVs. These reduce the “search time” on the street. The app tells the delivery driver in which container and which bin the parcel is.

Liesbeth van Tongeren, alderman for Sustainability, the Environment and Energy Transition of The Hague: “As a municipality of The Hague, we are doing a lot to ensure that parcels are delivered more cleanly. For example, there is an environmental zone where the most polluting trucks are not allowed. With the national Green Deal, we stimulate suppliers to only bring in their cleanest trucks or vans. As a result, I see more wonderful sustainable initiatives in the city. It’s good to see that we are creating a clean and liveable city together.”

Barry Nieuwland, a driver for PostNL: “I’m happy that in my The Hague city center we now deliver packages with LEVVs. These narrow vans allow cyclists to pass more easily, and we can deliver to any alley. I love driving them because they’re easy to maneuver, and I get a lot of positive feedback. And because they are electric, they are cleaner and quieter. That’s great for the environment and the climate, making this form of delivery especially suitable for the inner city of The Hague.”

The LEVVs are part of PostNL’s more than 2,100 electric vehicles. In addition, 50% of its own fleet is more sustainable through biogas, BIO-LNG, sustainable fuel, and electric vans.

Thanks to the sustainable sorting centers, mail and parcels are sorted in a 100% CO₂ neutral way. As a result, PostNL delivers mail and letterbox parcels to 96% of the Dutch home addresses free of emissions. Furthermore, in the city centers, deliveries are increasingly made using small, sustainable vehicles such as cargo bikes and LEVVs.

After Arnhem and Groningen, The Hague is the third city in the Netherlands where PostNL uses LEVVs to deliver parcels. The LEVVSs are produced in the Netherlands and specially developed for PostNL parcel deliveries.

Source: PostNL

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