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Winning Last Mile Challenge team addresses the problem of combining mathematical routes with driver knowledge

Finding the optimal route between multiple destinations (the traveling salesman problem) is a challenge regularly faced by Amazon’s Last Mile team. Meeting that challenge has meant developing planning software to allow Amazon’s delivery fleet to find the most efficient routes. But what happens when drivers must deviate from those routes? Drivers have access to real-time …

Rotterdam (NL) students present results of LEFV-pilot

From September 2019 up to and including January 2020, students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences provided the last mile for HoReCa establishments in the inner city of Rotterdam and Schiedam under the name HR Cargo for logistics service provider Nedcargo. The results of a first pilot in 2018 led to an expansion of HR …

DenCity project working on collaboration in urban mobility

DenCity is a collaborative project that aims to find innovative solutions and services to reduce congestion, environmental impact and enhance the quality of life for those living and working in densely populated urban districts. The project is led by the Swedish arena for collaboration within transport efficiency, CLOSER, at Lindholmen Science Park.