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Simacan about improving delivery with rich data

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Rob Schuurbiers of Simacan explains how their platform technology, cloud-based connectivity, a wealth of rich data, and intelligence algorithms contribute to improving delivery services. With Simacan end-users in home delivery will experience the maximum customer satisfaction. And a happy customer is a returning customer…

Simacan Last Mile Guidance: how it works

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Simacan has entered into a partnership with the Cornelissen Transport Group to further develop carrier-specific needs on a cloud platform for digital collaboration in transport and logistics. Part of the collaboration is the further development of turn-by-turn last-mile guidance that will enrich the information from existing onboard computer suppliers. The common goal is to register …

Ahold Delhaize’s transport control tower for store deliveries based on open trip model

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According to their motto ‘Better every day’, Ahold Delhaize is continuously undertaking innovative steps to improve its service. Quality and efficiency represent two key-values within Ahold Delhaize Transport organisation. Ahold Delhaize Transport is a shipper that manages a broad logistic operation but no trucks. The trucks driving daily between the distribution centers and almost 1.000 …