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4.0 technologies in city logistics: an empirical investigation of contextual factors

Industry 4.0 technologies, originally developed in the manufacturing sector, can be purposefully implemented to improve City Logistics (CL) processes by automatizing some of their operational tasks and enabling the real-time exchange of information, with the ultimate goal of providing better interconnection among the actors involved. The digital transformation that logistics networks face offers new opportunities …

DHL: 95% of companies do not realize full benefits of digitalization technologies

Next-generation robotics, AI, AVs, blockchain, big data analytics and sensors are just some of the technologies disrupting the traditional supply chain. DHL launched its latest research report on digitalization in the supply chain. The report reveals that new technologies and solutions are developing at a fast-pace and disrupting industries on multiple fronts, with supply chains …

IRU-report: the sustainable commercial vehicle of the future

The International Road transport Union (IRU) published a report on the commercial vehicle of the future based on three scenario’s (short term, mid term, long term), in terms of improvements in CO2 emissions, safety and operational efficiency. The report presents a roadmap towards fully sustainable truck operations for long haul, regional delivery, and urban delivery.