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Gartner’s market guide to vehicle routing and scheduling systems

The market for vehicle routing and scheduling and last-mile applications continues to grow as organizations are seeking ways to optimize fleet operations. Gartner presents a market guide. Last-mile delivery solutions are an evolution of VRS, grown due to the huge increase in e-commerce and last-mile operations. Whereas traditional routing solutions focused primarily on fleets and movements …

Picnic: solving logistics problems using Genetic Algorithms

What do designing an aircraft wing, packing boxes into a container, and making timetables have in common? They’re all optimization problems, according to Picnic blogger Geert Konijnendijk: “there’s an objective to be maximized or minimized (least air resistance, most boxes packed or least man-hours spent). Each individual solution to these problems will have a score …

Research: horizontal collaboration in delivery of e-groceries

Digital technology advancement has been changing grocery retailing customers’ behavior and expectations. Enabled by digital technologies and pleased by the digital disruptors, customers are expecting convenient online shopping and fast delivery. To retain their loyalty, retailers are forced to provide better services through digital transformation. 

Research: solving vehicle routing problems with drones, robots or foot-walkers

During the International City Logistics Conference 2019 Matthew J. Roorda (University of Toronto) presented his research on vehicle routing problems (VRP) with movement synchronization of drones, sidewalk robots, or foot-walkers (the ‘driver helper’). The VRP extension with movement synchronization (VRPMS) has potential applications of drone and robot technologies to assist with the delivery of parcels.