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IKEA: “we’re not just changing the engines, we’re changing the entire business model”

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IKEA has a target of having 100% electric home deliveries by 2025. Vulog talked with Angela Hultberg Head of Sustainable Mobility at Ingka Group as she shares her insights into why sustainable mobility is key to future-proofing business and embedding innovation. Angela Hultberg: “We announced that in 2018, so we’ve been at it now for two years now, …

McKinsey: Why most eTrucks will choose overnight charging

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McKinsey estimates eTruck adoption will exceed 30 percent by 2030 across different vehicle classes: light commercial vehicle (LCV), medium-duty truck (MDT), and heavy-duty truck (HDT). McKinsey predicts growth from 2.7 million units by 2025 to 11 million units by 2030 in China, Europe, and the US. This is a result of the alignment of several key …