IPC: 2022 results show limited revenue decline of 0.9% for post worldwide

According to preliminary results published by International Post Corporation (IPC), postal operators worldwide saw revenue decrease by 0.9% on average in 2022, demonstrating resilience following the post-Covid strong growth and the overall challenging environment.   

Holger Winklbauer, CEO of IPC, commented on the results: “Preliminary results for 2022 show that continuous efforts of posts to enhance performance are paying off. However, the current challenging market conditions, with increased competition and slower growth of e-commerce due to the cost of living crisis, call for even more efforts from posts to meet the needs of e-commerce consumers”. 

Postal industry growth continues to be sustained by ongoing demand for B2C e-commerce logistics as posts delivered more packets and parcels to online shoppers across the globe. Despite economic uncertainty, slower e-commerce growth, and the cost-of-living crisis, parcel volumes remain above pre-pandemic levels. 

The pressure on the parcel delivery market remains high, partly due to rising fuel prices, cost of labor, and labor shortages. Posts continued to invest in expanding parcel pick-up and drop-off solutions, sorting capacity, and automation to meet the growth in e-commerce delivery volumes and further improve last-mile efficiency and delivery times. Postal growth is also driven by postal diversification strategies. 

The 2022 results and results for the first half of 2023 will be presented in the IPC Global Postal Industry Report, published in November 2023. The report will include a comprehensive and detailed review of the postal industry, covering over 50 postal operators worldwide and analyzing key market trends.

Source: IPC

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