Paris startup Cajoo promises grocery deliveries in 15 minutes

Cajoo, a new French startup has raised €6 million funding. Cajoo wants to make it easier to order groceries and receive them 15 minutes later. It is launching in Paris. Cajoo wants to differentiate itself with a one-stop-shop approach. Cajoo operates its own micro-fulfillment centers. It has its own inventory of products. It manages the fleet of delivery people as much as possible. And, of course, it sells directly to customers. Cajoo thinks it’ll require 10 micro-fulfillment centers to cover Paris and it’s going to take a few months.

Co-founder and Cajoo CEO Henri Capoul told Techcrunch: “What makes Cajoo different from what’s out there? In France, there’s no Instacart or pure player in the grocery delivering space. Instead, many supermarket chains already offer deliveries. You can order from their website or app and get your groceries the next day or two days later. Some retailers are trying to speed things up a bit, such as Carrefour with its Livraison Express service and Monoprix with Monoprix Plus. Amazon can also deliver some groceries through its Amazon Prime Now sub-service. It can take 30 minutes, an hour or even two hours before receiving your order though”.

The company doesn’t plan to generate most of its revenue from delivery fees. Those are minimum fees so that you don’t order one item at a time. Instead, the company will get margins from products themselves, like any retailer.

Read the full interview here.

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