Monthly archives: June, 2017

Research: innovation in home delivery

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The increasing amount of small-sized shipments and their frequency variation, due to the growth of e-commerce, pose a great challenge to logistics service providers. At the same time technologies and innovations are being developed with the aim of increasing the efficiency of logistics service provider, as much as foster the creation of new enterprises and …

Urban strategies for waste management in tourist cities

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Europe’s cities are some of the world’s greatest tourism destinations. The socio-economic impact of tourism is extraordinary in cities, but it brings at the same time a range of negative externalities, including high levels of unsustainable resource consumption and waste production. In comparison with other cities, tourist cities have to face additional challenges related to …

I-CVUE project provides TCO tool for e-mobility

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I-CVUE is an ‘Intelligent Energy Europe Programme’ co-funded project. It has the ambition to reduce CO2-emissions in urban environments by increasing the number of electric vehicles (EV’s) in large fleets in urban areas by mentoring fleet operators and manager. The programme also resulted in a framework governments can use to set up tailor-made fleet incentive …