Research: innovation in home delivery

The increasing amount of small-sized shipments and their frequency variation, due to the growth of e-commerce, pose a great challenge to logistics service providers. At the same time technologies and innovations are being developed with the aim of increasing the efficiency of logistics service provider, as much as foster the creation of new enterprises and business models in the home delivery sector.

Consumer demands

The aim of this research paper by the Polytecnico di Torino is to provide an exploratory analysis of the fit between existing home delivery innovative services, requirements, and issues that users might have. To do so, the authors review the main features of innovative services and we compare them with the findings from an online survey. For each service, they identify the value propositions, and the issues the service aims to address.


In particular, four innovative services are reviewed. tracking mail and deliveries, delivery to pickup points, crowd-delivery and delivery to automated pack stations.

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Through the online survey, the authors identify user’s habits, requirements and perceptions regarding the effectiveness and features of the innovative services. The most important factors are the service quality, the possibility to choose delivery time and location and the least important are the possibility to choose from different packaging options and sustainability.

Read the full paper here.

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