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Book: urban logistics

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Approximately 80 percent of European and American citizens live in an urban environment. Due to their large populations and extensive commercial establishments, urban areas require large quantities of goods and services for commercial and domestic use.

Drones: emerging hardware opportunities

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The drone market in recent years has completely changed character. A new report by IDTechEx demonstrates the hype is gone The price wars have also taken their toll with the Chinese winner having forced many to give their hardware (platform) play completely.

PWC: trucking logistics costs will fall by 47 percent by 2030

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Within a few short years, trucking and logistics will be an ecosystem of autonomous vehicles directed by a digitized supply chain, combining driverless, cabless trucks and delivery hubs staffed by robots. But what about the numbers behind these changes? In particular, what do they mean for cost and efficiency in the transport industry that has long …

UPS-GreenBiz US study: the future of fleet electrification

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Attaining environmental benefits and lower cost of ownership are driving more US commercial fleets to electrify, according to a UPS and GreenBiz study. In the “Curve Ahead: The Future of Fleet Electrification” report, industry leaders identify the main motivations and barriers to electrification, as well as strategies to move the commercial electric vehicle market from niche to …