Amazon and Stellantis will collaborate in SmartCockpit project

Amazon and Stellantis will collaborate to deliver software solutions for Stellantis’ new digital cabin platform, STLA SmartCockpit, starting in 2024. Stellantis selects AWS as its preferred cloud provider for vehicle platforms to deliver its long-term, software-focused vision. AWS and Stellantis will launch collaborative engineering and innovation initiatives and tools to accelerate time to market for new digital products and upskill Stellantis’ global workforce. In addition, Amazon will be the first commercial customer for the new Ram ProMaster Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) in 2023, further expanding Amazon’s sustainable delivery network.

Stellantis want to become a sustainable mobility tech company

Stellantis will accelerate its shift to becoming a sustainable mobility tech company through this partnership. Stellantis and Amazon will collaborate to deploy Amazon’s technology and software expertise across Stellantis’ organization, including vehicle development, building connected in-vehicle experiences, and training the next generation of automotive software engineers. Together, the two companies will create a suite of software-based products and services that seamlessly integrate with customers’ digital lives and add value over time through regular over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

“Over the past two decades, Amazon has built the technology, expertise, and culture of innovation to be a world leader in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We’ve used these capabilities to make life better for customers around the world through products and services like Alexa, Kindle, and Fire TV, and with AWS, we’ve helped thousands of companies transform themselves and their industries. We’re excited to collaborate with Stellantis to transform the automotive industry and re-invent the in-vehicle experience,” said Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon. “We are inventing solutions that will help enable Stellantis to accelerate connected and personalized in-vehicle experiences so that every moment in motion can be smart, safe, and tailored to each occupant. Together, we will create the foundation for Stellantis to transform from a traditional automaker into a global leader in software-driven development and engineering.” 

“Working together with Amazon is an integral part of our capability building roadmap, based on both developing internal competencies and decisive collaborations with tech leaders, and it will bring significant expertise to one of our key technology platforms, STLA SmartCockpit,” said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis. “By leveraging artificial intelligence and cloud solutions, we will transform our vehicles into personalized living spaces and enhance the overall customer experience, making our vehicles the most wanted, most captivating place to be, even when not driving.”

The Smart Cockpit platform

The STLA SmartCockpit platform will use Amazon products and solutions purpose-built for vehicles, and Stellantis will have the flexibility to create custom, brand- and vehicle-specific capabilities. In addition, the software will offer curated services and experiences through an app store—all displayed through an intelligent, adaptive user interface design that presents timely, relevant information and features suited to each occupant’s individual needs and preferences. 

Integration with Amazon’s leading smart home and security services will allow customers to monitor and manage their homes while on the go proactively. Stellantis customers will also be able to manage their vehicles from their Alexa-enabled devices at home or their Alexa smartphone app, including using custom Alexa skills to set the in-cabin temperature before getting into their vehicle, schedule service, or order accessories. 

Earlier in 2021, Stellantis and Foxconn announced plans to develop digital cockpits and personalized connected services. Mobile Drive aims to accelerate development timelines to bring innovative in-vehicle user experiences enabled by advanced consumer electronics, interfaces, and services that will exceed customer expectations. This joint venture will focus on infotainment, telematics, and cloud service platform development with software innovations expected to include artificial intelligence-based applications, 5G communication, upgraded over-the-air services, e-commerce opportunities, and smart cockpit integrations.

Source: Stellantis

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