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TNO and CE Delft look at future of smart mobility: there is still a long way to go

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The combined development of different emerging technologies (e.g. smart sensors, blockchain, artificial intelligence) boosts innovations in smart mobility. The increasing pressure on achieving societal goals within the transport sector (e.g. decarbonization, improving traffic safety, reducing congestion) will be another driver for smart mobility. TNO and CE Delft report about it.

Smart loading zones in Barcelona (ES)

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In 2015 Barcelona introduced regulated areas for Distribució Urbana de Mercaderies (DUM) areas for loading and unloading. Following the success of the pilot scheme in Passeig de Gràcia, the rest of the city got DUMs for the loading and unloading of goods. The designation of 9,000 parking places as DUM areas aims to update and …

Amsterdam smart mobility action plan


The program Smart Mobility is developed in cooperation with the region of Amsterdam (NL), Amsterdam knowledge institutions, the Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam Smart City, GVB, THNK, private partners in projects en various organizational departments within the municipality. The municipality is actively looking for new collaborations with public and private partners.