Amazon is using AI-equipped cameras in delivery vans for safe driving

Amazon drivers at some US facilities will soon have an extra set of eyes watching them when they hit the road to make their daily deliveries. Amazon has deployed the AI-equipped cameras in Amazon-branded cargo vans used by companies that are part of its delivery service partner program, which are largely responsible for last-mile deliveries.

Deborah Bass, an Amazon spokesperson, confirmed to CNBC that Amazon has begun using the AI-equipped cameras across its delivery fleet: “We are investing in safety across our operations and recently started rolling out industry-leading camera-based safety technology across our delivery fleet. This technology will provide drivers real-time alerts to help them stay safe when they are on the road.”

Cameras could help improve safety, but privacy advocates and several DSP drivers said they’re concerned about potential privacy tradeoffs. Some drivers said they’re concerned the AI-equipped cameras will add further pressure to a job that already involves an intense workload of delivering hundreds of packages a day.



Read the full story on CNBC.

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