Entrepreneurs to invest 160 mln Euro in city logistics hub in Port of Amsterdam (NL)

Dutch entrepreneurs Beelen and van der Wallen invest € 160 million in a logistics center in the Port of Amsterdam. Via a new distribution location on the North Sea Canal, they want to support environmentally-friendly delivery of packages, building materials, and catering supplies over the waterways.

With an investment of € 160 million and 125,000 m2 of warehouse space, the hall, which will be called Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub, will become one of the most expensive and largest logistics centers in the country. Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is not intended for one or two tenants but must offer space to at least thirty companies. In this way, distribution flows can be cleverly linked, so that fewer journeys or trips to the city are required. In addition to transport by water, there will probably also be electric buses. Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will open mid-2021.

With this sustainable approach, entrepreneurs are responding to the municipal policy that polluting cars and freight traffic increasingly want to keep out of the capital. At the same time, deliveries are only increasing, mainly due to the rise in online sales. But inner-city construction projects and the continuing growth of the hotel and catering industry (HoReCA) are also leading to more urban freight in Amsterdam. In response, the municipality of Amsterdam stated that it welcomes the initiative.

Picture: Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub

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